The other day I found this in my inbox.
Hey Amy,
Happy new year! I can’t believe it’s been a year since we moved into the Hawk. A lot has changed around this place since you last saw it. New paint, light fixtures, we built an in-ground firepit, tamed the yard and planted all new grass, did some major tree removal. We even improved the road with the neighbors. We are still in love with this property and can’t wait to continue making it our home in the year ahead.
Colin and I were out running in the snow yesterday in Hinesburg and met a new friend at Frost Brewery—meet Justin. Justin is beginning to think about making a move to the Burlington area and is interested in purchasing property.
I told him that if it wasn’t for you, we honestly couldn’t have made the same transition as quickly or have purchased as remote buyers with such confidence (especially considering we put our offer in before ever seeing the place in-person). Plus, you are one hell of a negotiator and always have your client’s best interest at hand so when Justin said he was looking for a realtor, you were naturally the #1 person that came to mind!
I’ll let you both take it from here. Justin—I wish you all the best luck and let me know the next time you’re here / want to meet up / or just want some good dinner recos. It would be great to have a new friend as well in the area if you end up here!
Thanks, Amy! Let’s go for some run some time again soon at Smuggs!
This lovely note made me reflect on my experiences with real estate transactions. About 90 percent of my business has been through referral.  I appreciate my clients so much, and I’m glad that they have had great experiences like the one above.
My first year owning my own brokerage brought me to many successful experiences with clients who became my family. With 36 transactions under my belt for the year, closing 9.8 million in total property sales.
Once again, I have gained much knowledge, and I feel blessed to be in an industry to help people get to the next stage of their life, while having the most positive experiences.
I want to personally thank all of you who allowed me the opportunity in 2021 to be your advisor and negotiator through these big steps in your life. Your referrals are very meaningful to me and appreciated.
Cheers to you all. Be well, be safe, and hug those that are dear to you daily.